Dancing with stories unwritten

I’m a reader first, a writer second, and an editor third. However, sometimes you want to read a story so bad but can’t find it published any where, you figure you’ll write it. These are those stories:

Sapphire Cover

“Sapphire” I thought of back in the spring of 2016 after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. Since then, I have worked a full-time job and have attended graduate school, so not much research or writing has gone into this. However, I do plan to one day write this historical fiction. Here’s the first draft synopsis:

King Martin Bartel was the ruthless ruler of Hofstra. For over a decade, he declared war on surrounding countries to fulfill his greed. He was unfair to his people and disloyal to his Queen. Out of wedlock, came an infant born of sapphire eyes. To keep the King on the throne, he forced the mistress to give her away.

Eighteen years have passed and the girl with sapphire eyes has grown, raised by nuns–unaware of her lineage–all the while watching the King and Queen fail time and time again to successfully have a male heir.

Eighteen years have passed and dangerous people of Hofstra are beginning to realize the King will never have a legitimate heir. It’s time for a new ruler, one that promises peace and prosperity. Soon, rumors spread of this man’s rightful place on the throne.

Soon, rumors spread of a girl with sapphire eyes could sabotage the whole revolution; that is, if she knows of her true birthright and if they don’t find her first.

Jennifer Gioia. Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

When Dreaming Becomes Dangerous

“When Dreaming Becomes Dangerous” was inspired about a dream I had back in 2011 right before I graduated high school. This story was also inspired by the outrageous injustices people of color and other minorities have had to endure in the U.S., and how it has been in the spotlight way too often since at least 2015. A lot of research has gone into this urban high fantasy novel that I began writing in the fall of 2016; however, I still need to conduct more thorough research before this story will be ready to write. As with everything else in my life, this story has been put on hold until I have more free time–most likely after I graduate with my master’s degree in December of 2018. Here’s the synopsis:

Mira has two lives: A waking life and a dreaming life.

In the day, Mira writes speeches for Robert Trudy, the mayor of her big magical city, Eron. Her hard work is underappreciated and the city is starting to split right under the mayor’s nose.

But since the unexpected death of her mother, Mira has been having the same recurring dream each night: standing in a white lace gown, underneath a white wicker arch, surrounded by white snow, with a blonde man she has never met a day in her life.

Eventually, Mira starts to see small changes in her recurring dreams. And soon she is able to control her dreams, opening up her mind to a world she never knew existed.

But what happens when this blonde man disappears from Mira’s dreams and dreaming becomes dangerous?

Jennifer Gioia. Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

I have many more potential stories with only a lick of a plot line waiting for their time to arrive. Come December 2018, I’ll be spending the rest of my late twenties and early thirties dedicating myself to my writing and to the characters that so wish to have their stories told. I’m excited to have you on this journey with me.

— Jen