Take me on an adventure

So much of life can change in a matter of moments.

You can think you’re someone in one moment and then another six months later.

One thing that has never changed, though, is my love for the unknown.

My love for the what-ifs.

My love for adventure.

I just play out my adventures in my writing.

After years of learning and falling in love with Greek mythology, I’ve finally taken a stab at writing something loosely based off of the myth.

Introducing “Finding the One“:

Finding the One - Greek Myth Book Cover for Publishing

After the War of the Titans, King Zeus forced his brother Hades to rule the Underworld. Hades first recreated the Underworld to his liking, then he created Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death.

Since her creation, Macaria mercifully carried out her father’s bidding, guiding the blessed ones through the passage of souls into the Underworld to the Islands of the Blessed. For millenniums, she listened to the blessed souls of the passing, hearing their wishes, regrets, accomplishments, and great loves.

Before the day Hades brought home Persephone, she always wondered what this love was about, but never thought of the possibility there would be a One for her.

…Until one extraordinary blessed soul asked her about her One.

She knew what the love of a One could do to someone for all of eternity, but was there really a One for her?

With the blessing of Hades, Macaria has six months to journey and find her One. After the six months are over, Macaria must continue her duties as Goddess of Blessed Death for the rest of eternity, with or without a One.

Jennifer Gioia. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

The concept of the One—a soulmate—is romanticized in all parts of the modern world. There are many stories of how each person has a soulmate: humans only hold half a soul searching for their other half or perhaps the human soul is whole searching for another soul to share a lifetime with. Either way, the concept of the One is ingrained in our modern day society. With thoughts of destiny and fate at play, things just always seem meant to be.

Macaria is one of the many to fall for the concept of the One. She believes in fate and destiny, that things are meant to be. You are only destined to be with one person. Every other person before the One has been in vain. I do not believe that to always be true. Join Macaria as she learns why the One isn’t all that it seems to be.

I’m so excited about this book because it brings the reader on not one, but two journeys—one of the mental and one of the physical realms.

I’m currently posting the first draft on Wattpad for my beta readers. Check it out here.