Cover Design and Redesign and Redesign…

I don’t know how published authors do it. How can they look at a book they’ve published and years later still be happy with the published cover? I guess that’s the thing, though. It’s published. They can’t change it (necessarily).

As you know, I publish all my drafted books on Wattpad, and one of their features is uploading a book cover to accompany your story.

My trilogy story has undergone at least three book cover changes in the last seven years… And here I am again today to present you with the latest versions!

I’m really pleased with these, but who knows if I’ll like them still in one, five, or ten years from now? How do published authors do it?

Addendum: It’s not even been six months since this blog post was published and while I still like the images, I don’t know how I feel about the font now… It never ends!

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