About The Author

On an average day, Jennifer Gioia works a full-time job in North Carolina, editorial freelances part-time, cares for her hound-terrier rescue, Oliver, and attempts to keep up with her social life. When she does have free time, she spends it reading and writing great (amateur) fiction on Wattpad or cooking homemade gourmet recipes any twenty-something can handle.

Why I Write

With most young adult, new adult, romance, and chick-lit books, I find there aren’t enough confident protagonists who are comfortable with who they are and still have realistic flaws. I want to see more protagonists who can be real role models for young girls and women. So, I write about them.

My books focus more on the protagonist’s character growth and less on love. That’s more important than whoever she falls in love with and whether it works out. Falling in love with yourself should always be a priority. My books capture these empowering characters’ journeys finding their way and falling in love with themselves in the process.

I’ve taken from the real-life experiences of myself, my friends, and my family to create each plot I’ve written. Though I’ll be honest—some of the stories I’ve written are also fantasies of mine I’ve always wanted to act out in real life but never could. Isn’t that the reason why we read? Well, it’s also one of the many reasons why I write.