Finding the One

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After the War of the Titans, King Zeus forced his brother Hades to rule the Underworld. The first thing Hades did was recreate the Underworld to his liking. The second thing he did was create Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death.

Since her creation, Macaria has mercifully carried out her father’s bidding, guiding the blessed ones through the passage of souls into the Underworld to the Islands of the Blessed.

For millenniums, she has listened to the blessed souls of the passing, hearing their wishes, regrets, accomplishments, and great loves. She has always wondered what this love was about, until the day Hades brought home Persephone, then she knew.

It wasn’t until one ordinary day became out of the ordinary, and instead of just listening to the blessed souls as she guided them through the Underworld, she spoke back.

All it took was one of those blessed souls to ask if she had a One.

Not until now did she ever think of the possibility there would be a One for her. Macaria has seen and heard what the love of your One can do to someone for all of eternity, but now she thinks she’s ready to finally meet her One.

There has to be someone willing to love her and live the rest of their lives together in the Underworld, right?

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