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Melanie, reignited by a childhood love, must figure out the future she wants while her boyfriend, James, speaks of a life together she’s not so sure about.

Melanie and Bianca have been best friends since preschool, growing up sharing everything… Except for her small crush on Bianca’s younger brother, Ethan. Buried for years, Melanie has almost forgotten it by the time she’s graduated college and met James, the guy deadset on marrying her.

To celebrate graduating, her family throws a week-long bash at their lakefront cabin in upstate Vermont. Melanie sees Ethan again for the first time in years, and all of her submerged feelings rush to the forefront. She tries to shut it down, keeping James in mind, but when Ethan starts to show he wants more than just friendship, she begins to question everything.

With just a week at her family’s cabin and both men vying for her attention, what will she do?

Jennifer Gioia. Copyright © 2018-2020. All Rights Reserved.