First draft currently posted on Wattpad. Second draft to be posted in 2019.

Melanie Hansen and Bianca Page have been best friends since preschool. They have grown up and have always shared everything together. Except for one thing…

Since she has been young, Melanie has always had a silly, stupid crush on Bianca’s younger brother, Ethan. She has buried these feelings so far down for years, to the point where she has almost forgotten them by the time she’s in college and thinks she has met the man she will one day marry.

The time has finally arrived for Melanie and Bianca to graduate college. Their families have thrown a large, week-long bash at the Hansen’s lakefront cabin in upstate Vermont. Melanie invites her boyfriend, James McGill, along for the celebration.

There, Melanie sees Ethan again for the first time in years, and all of her submerged feelings rush to the forefront. He’s taller than her now, and with muscles, too. She can’t believe her eyes the boy she used to have a silly school-girl crush on is now a man who has just finished his sophomore year of college.

Bianca’s family has always felt like family to Melanie, except for Ethan. Her feelings are betraying her, and she tries to shut them down, keeping James in mind. But when Ethan starts to show more than just family-friendly interest in her, Melanie begins to question everything.

With just a week at her family’s cabin and both men vying for her attention, what will she do?

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